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Why a Cat Sitter is the best solution when you travel...

For most cats it is very important that they can stay in their own home, cats in general don't like to moved - even the car-ride to a boarding facility can be super stressful. Not to mention all the new smells and noises your cat has to get used to... For certain dogs we will recommend boarding them, and we will always be very honest about it. Cats on the other hand don't adapt so quickly and therefor we believe hiring a Cat sitter will be the best solution for them.

When you contact us to book a catsitter in Dubai, we always start with a first meeting. We ask you 101 questions and we observe well so we understand the needs of your cat. We know that the same approach wouldn't work for all cats so we will make sure we know what your cat likes and dislike before we leave your home! 

So if you are looking for a catsitter who cares for you cat as if its her own, with so much love, endless patient and kindness than Happy Tails - is the best Dubai Pet Sitter for your kitty! Feel free to contact us to plan a first meeting, we can't wait to meet you and your cat very soon! 

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Voluntering ENP Dog shelter


Animal Lover

My name is Rabia, I grew up in Belgium and have been living in Dubai for 6 years. We have one crazy cat; Jeffels. We were supposed to foster him for 2 weeks... That was 5 years ago, but mister Jeffels instantly became one of our family members! 

I’ve been fostering dogs & cats since 2009 and taking care of animals is my passion. In 2014 I went to Thailand to volunteer in cat & dog shelters all over the country. This was an amazing experience where I learned a lot. From feeding the cats and dogs, walking (or should I say running) the dogs, assisting the vet during operations and administering medication where necessary. 

So when it comes to walking your dog, feeding your cat and taking care of your pet whilst you enjoy your vacation, I will always ensure a safe and nurturing environment for your furbaby. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions, I would love to meet you and your beloved pet! 

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