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Take your doggy on Desert Safari

We meet you and your pet, you jump in this beautiful - 1964 - 8 seater Land Rover - first we do a pawsome drive to soak up the breathtaking scenery - When we see a suitable dune, we lay out the red Arabic style rug and pillows and enjoy a bite together (a picknick if booked during the day and a BBQ if booked in the evening)  - your doggy and you will have the best time!

Send us a message for more information and bookings.


* booking for min 2 persons

* available during Dubai Winter months
* each trip max 3 doggies
* max 5 persons per booking
* you stay responsible for your own pets - we can provide led light dog collars and trackers but you will always have to keep an eye on your furrbaby -

Price: 300AED per person (Including: dune ride for you and your pup , (non-alcoholic)drinks, bites and all of this with an amazing guide!)

day drive: 10AM - 3PM
evening drive: 5PM - 10PM

Services : Outdoor Activities

Enjoying Nature Together

Dog Walker at the Park


How to find a good dog walker in Dubai

When you are looking for a person to walk your dog we have a few tips so you avoid hiring a person that is not matching the personlity of your furry baby!

1: We think that the best way to start looking for a reputable Dog Walker is to ask your friends, neighbours, colleages for recommendations. You can have a read on our testimonial page or on our facebook page: to read what our previous and current clients have to say about us. 

2: If you choose a Dog walker, arrange a first meeting so you get the know your Pet Sitter and you can see the reaction of your dog, this reaction is crucial. Don't trust a Pet sitter that doesn't asks 101 questions about your sweet puppy, your Pet Sitter needs to know it all... 

3: Ask your Pet Sitter all the questions you need to know: Does your Pet Sitter have a licence? How much experience does your Pet Sitter have? What training did they do? How long is the actual walk? Will the Pet Sitter you meet, be the person handling your doggy or will they send someone else? Just make sure you ask whatever is on your mind because in the end of the day, you need to trust this person who will take care of your sweet pup!

4: Do a trial. Yes, that's it. I know its hard but hand the leash over and let your doggy and Pet Sitter go on a test walk! And again, you will see by your pups reaction if it was fun! Dog's eyes don't lie. 

5: Trust your gut feeling! Your gut feeling is always right. Only go for it if you have a good feeling because your doggy only deserves the best! 

Would you like to do the test with Happy Tails? Book us in for a first meeting! 

Dog in Action


One on One Time

Does your pet need more personalized attention? Do they have trouble getting along with others? Beach Outing is a great option for those cuddly buddies who can get a bit defensive around others. As I spend more time outside with them, your pet will become more comfortable with being around other animals.

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Out and About

Happy Tails picks up your doggy and goes to the Dog Park for some exercise, playtime and so

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Services : Outdoor Activities
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