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Licensed Dubai Pet Services

Are you looking for a reliable dog sitter or cat sitter to take care of your pets whilst you go on holiday? Does your dog or cat get bored when you work long hours? Does the look on their face when you leave the house, break your heart? Happy Tails is your bespoke solution when it comes to Petsitting in Dubai. We come to your home, so your pet can stay in his/her familiar environment... This way we reduce the stress, your pet is already missing you and that is already heard enough, don't you agree? We know what pets need from a Petsitter in Dubai so give us a call for a chat, we love to hear all about your pets so we can insure a pawsome Dog Sitting/ Cat Sitting time...

We will care for your furbaby with all the love and attention they deserve. With many years of experience in animal care, dog sitting and cat sitting from Belgium, Thailand, and Dubai, you can trust your furry baby is in good hands!

We look forward to meeting you and your pet! 

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Only go for the best dogsitter for your pup

A destructive pet is not a naughty pet, but rather a sign of a bored pet. Biting your favorite pair of shoes, ripping your new pillows or scratching your expensive sofa, are all signs of a bored animal, your pet is just missing human company. Having someone visit, even once a day can make a BIG difference. We offer daily visits on a weekly or monthly basis. Your dog can count on a nice walk and of course lots of love & cuddles. Have a look on our book-online page for all the options and prices. 

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Find a good catsitter for your kitty 

Most cats like to be in their own space, they don't like to be moved and they need some time to adapt to a new environment, therefore hiring a cat sitter is the perfect solution. We know cats: the happy cat, the shy cat, the grumpy cat, the crazy cat, the cat that needs time to trust new people, the old cat, the cuddly cat... So we behave accordingly, we will adapt our behavior to your cat's preference. Have a look on our book-online page to find your catsitter to visit your furrbaby at home . 

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+971 50 903 8225 or Whatsapp me at +32492540469

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