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Licensed Dubai Pet Services

Are you looking for a reliable dog sitter or cat sitter to take care of your pets whilst you go on holiday or when you have to work long hours? Happy Tails is your ideal choice, when it comes to Petsitting in Dubai. To allow your pet to remain in a comfortable setting, we travel to your home. We understand what pets need from a Petsitter in Dubai, so give us a call for a chat. We love to hear all about your pets so we can ensure a pawsome Dog Sitting/Cat Sitting time. This way we reduce the stress, your pet is already missing you and that is already heard enough, don't you agree? 

Your furry child will receive all the love and care they need from us. You can feel secure knowing your furry child is in capable hands thanks to our many years of experience in pet care, dog walking, and cat sitting in Dubai, Thailand and Belgium. 

We are excited to meet you and your pet. 


Only go for the best dogsitter for your pup

Instead of being mischievous, a destructive pet is an indication that it is bored.Biting your favorite pair of shoes, ripping your brand-new pillows, or scratching your pricey sofa are all symptoms of boredom in pets; they simply crave human company. Even a single daily visit can make a significant difference. On a weekly or monthly basis, we provide daily visits. Your dog can expect a pleasant walk as well as, of course, lots of affection and cuddles. Prices start from 80AED - Feel free to contact me for all the details and prices


Cat in Basket


Find a good catsitter for your kitty 

Hiring a cat sitter is the ideal solution because most cats prefer to be in their own space, they dislike being moved, and they take some time to get used to a new environment. We are familiar with different types of cats, including happy cats, shy cats, grumpy cats, crazy cats, cats that take some time to trust new people, elderly cats, and cuddly cats. Because of this, we act in a manner consistent with this and we'll modify it to suit your cat. Prices start from 80AED - Feel free to contact me for all the details and prices


+971 50 903 8225 also available with Whatsapp

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