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Our Policy

1. Veterinary Medical care release form &  legal consideration agreement must be read and signed before the start.

2. Happy Tails LLC will not be responsible for outdoor pets, all pets must be kept inside during the whole duration. 

3. The payment shall be made upfront for the full service. Additional costs incurred during the service period will be settled upon return. 

4. Cancellation policy: you will receive a full refund if services are cancelled 21 days (or more) before the agreed start date. 75% will be refunded if services are cancelled 16 to 20 days before start date.

25% will be refunded if services are cancelled 5 to 15 days before the start

date. We don't refund if the services are cancelled 5 days (or less) before the start date. There will be no refund if services are cancelled before the agreed completion date.

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