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Sleeping Cat petsitter


Why a Cat Sitter is the best solution when you travel...

Since cats generally don't like to be moved, even the drive to a boarding facility can be extremely stressful, it is crucial for the majority of cats to be able to stay in their own homes. Not to mention the numerous new sounds and smells your cat must get used to. We will always be completely open and honest when we recommend boarding for a particular dog. However, cats are less adaptable than dogs, so we think that the best course of action for them will be to hire a cat sitter. That is the reason why we offer in home Services, nice and easy!
We always begin with a meeting when you get in touch with us to reserve a cat-sitting service in Dubai. We observe carefully and ask you 101 questions to better understand your cat's needs. We will make sure we know what your cat likes and dislikes before we leave your home because we are aware that the same approach wouldn't work for all cats. 
Feel free to contact us to arrange a first meeting; we look forward to getting to know you and your cat soon. So if you're looking for a catsitter who treats your cat like it's her own, with so much love, endless patience, and kindness, Happy Tails is the best Dubai Pet Sitter for your kitty. 

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